So I read an article today about an incident where some vandals smeared peanut butter all over a playground.

And a lot of the comments on it made me really angry.

Basically, the general consensus was that if a child is sensitive enough to nuts that touching peanut butter could potentially kill them, then that child should be removed from the gene pool, and that all these whiny nutphobic burdens to society should be kept in bubbles and if parents are so worried they should just not let their children out of the house.

EXCUSE ME? What the f***.

Who exactly was it that  gave you there right to decide who should be eliminated from the gene pool? Considering the fact that you are clearly all ignorant insensitive cruel stupid pricks, I would say that the world would be much better off without people like you in it than it would be without me and all the other people in this world suffering from severe/life-threatening nut allergies. None of you have any idea what you are talking about and you are making me sick. 

FIRST OF ALL: Nut allergies are not genetic. You are stupid.

SECOND OF ALL: Wow you do realize you just said you want tons of children and other people to die just so that you can eat  peanut butter whenever and wherever you want without complaint and so that you don’t have to hear parents complaining about their children’s lives being endangered? Seriously. Grow up.

THIRD OF ALL: You have no right to tell other people that they should live their entire lives in bubbles just because you might be slightly inconvenienced  otherwise. God, get some perspective. You can’t expect people to just never leave their homes, and these children won’t be children forever. Some day they’ll have to grow up and leave their parent’s house. That wont go well if they have lived their lives in bubbles. What do you propose they do then? OH RIGHT. YOU SAID THAT EARLIER. YOU WANT THEM TO  DIE SO THAT THEIR GENES GET ELIMINATED FROM THE GENE POOL.

Wow you lovely beautiful snowflake of a person. I am so sad I do not have the pleasure of knowing you in real life.

Next time you want to make a point about something you have no clue about. Do some research first, and get some perspective please.

Also, I have zero respect for anyone whose best argument is that I should just die so my genes are eliminated from earth. No thank you and fuck you good bye.

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